We waited 10 years for this? »

Kyle Orland and Peter Bright at Ars Technica:

After spending around a dozen hours each playing the game this weekend, Microsoft Editor Peter Bright (who considers himself a bit of a SimCity die-hard) and I (Gaming Editor Kyle Orland) were pretty disappointed with what we found. What follows are edited excerpts from the various conversations we had over instant messaging this weekend, discussing how we were finding our initial time with the game. We’ll have a more detailed review later when we’ve had a chance to try out the final release, complete with all the globally connected, Internet-enabled features EA has been playing up, but just going by first impressions, maybe EA shouldn’t have messed with its successful city building formula quite so much.

Check out this whole piece. It sounds like EA messed up big time, which is incredibly sad. I was really looking forward to trying the game.