Waiting For the RSS Enlightenment »

Patrick Welker of RocketINK has a good piece on what he’s looking for pertaining to the future of RSS:

Overall I’d characterize my needs as very basic:

  1. A decent minimal web interface (preferably close to the screen shot in this post = one preview line is enough for me) and shortcuts would also be most welcome.

  2. Folders, folders, folders (preferably rearrangeable). iOS clients (preferably a superb API which makes it easy for existing apps to use the service – actually the API should be #1).

  3. A non freemium business model. And, to repeat myself: although I think the list above is a simple one, I know that those small wishes add up and take time for developers to accomplish them.

For me, what it comes down to is this: I’m as wise as I was before. I (will) wait. Regarding developers I think their RSS service will rise and fall with their API. The mobile market with native RSS clients build around a service is too important to neglect it. The consumers like having a choice, some prefer simpler clients, others are in need of power tools. Making the transition as easy as it gets to the developers of these apps is crucial.