Unread: RSS for iOS 7 »

I’ve got a quick-and-dirty on Unread over at Culture Milk. I adore the app. It’s the best RSS client for iPhone I’ve ever used.

For a deeper dive, check out Stephen Hackett’s piece:

While I find swiping-based UIs tiring in some apps, Unread is tuned in such a way that using gestures never feels like its slowing me down while navigating through items or folders. In fact, the gestures give Unread a playfulness about it I think embodies much of what Apple wants to see in iOS 7-era apps.

Or Federico Viticci’s:

There are no toolbars in Unread. The app is based on the premise that Mail-like layouts aimed at putting feed management in your face shouldn’t take away from content, which is a very Apple-like way of thinking. Articles take over the entire screen, and the app is adorned by beautiful typography that visually differentiates titles (condensed, bold) from feed names (red), author name and date/time stamp (italic, light gray) and body text (regular weight, black). Articles you’ve read are dimmed and hyperlinks are highlighted in red. The app has support for themes: by default, it comes with Day (my pick) and Night themes, and while more can be unlocked (with a system similar to Clear), they’ve all been balanced for the reading experience, making content understandable at a glance.

I’ll also be giving a few copies away today on Twitter at the Culture Milk account. My gift to you.