Twitterrific Forges Ahead »

Ged Maheux of the Iconfactory:

We’re re-doubling our efforts to bring you an all-new version of Twitterrific: one that complies with Twitter’s new guidelines and makes reading and posting to Twitter even easier and more fun.

I’m so glad to hear that despite Twitter’s latest jab to developers, the Iconfactory is pushing ahead with a new version of Twitterrific. The other day I was thinking about what pushed me to open a Twitter account, and I fondly remember being amazed at Twitterrific’s design, and signing up just to use the app. I’ve literally made life-long friends in these last 4 years on Twitter, and I can honestly attribute that to stumbling across this iconic app while casually browsing the App Store. I’m really excited to see what the next version of the app brings.