Twitter Drama part XXVII »

Alex Arena:

The echo-chamber is ringing out with cries that Twitter is dead, after the API changes announced yesterday. I don’t believe that Twitter is going anywhere, but there is an important point to be made out of all of this. Twitter is trying to get rid of 3rd party clients before their own have fully developed. I honestly believe the outrage following these changes would be far less intense if Twitter just built apps that were better than their 3rd party counterparts.

I agree, but the hammer Twitter dropped yesterday doesn’t upset most users, it only affects geeks like us. Twitter is far from dead, and they showed that again yesterday by kicking innovation square in the balls. I’d have much less of an issue if Twitter’s offerings weren’t horrible in comparison to most 3rd party clients. I can live with ads, I’m not at all looking forward to using Twitter’s native apps. But there is hope. I guess we’ll see how this all shakes out. I saw a some more ship-jumping yesterday, but I’m still not on board. The saddest part is regardless of what shakes out of this move, the Twitter that we signed up for is long gone, and it ain’t coming back.