✱ Triaging Text with Drafts 2.0

Drafts, my Swiss Army knife of text was updated to version 2.0, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve been using the beta version for over a month, and I’ve grown to love this app for so many reasons. What developer Greg Pierce has done is completely remove the friction from getting thoughts, quick notes, tasks, tweet drafts, and/or journal entries out of your head and into an app quickly.

Before Drafts, I often found my self fumbling around looking for the right app to capture one of the afformentioned things. Drafts eliminates the pain by giving you a simple and straightforward way of jotting things down electronically. My Drafts workflow is simple; launch, type, close. Then when ready I can send the text to the appropriate app thanks to Drafts’ use of URL schemes which passes the text straight into the app of my choosing.

Drafts isn’t meant to replace a single app on your iPhone, but instead compliment them. It’s like an electronic Field Notes notebook, but with data dectection, Markdown, and a huge set of actions that let you pass your text to the right place. It’s honestly hard to describe how useful Drafts has been for me, but anyone who knows how finicky I am with my homescreen will understand how good Drafts is when I say it got a spot on the front page 5 minutes after I bought it. Yes, it’s that good. Building on an already strong foundation, v2.0 brings additional actions, Simperium sync, more font choices, and a refreshed UI. All of it incredibly valuable.

While v2.0 is big news in itself, there’s also a brand new iPad version equipped with all of the above along with dedicated Markdown keys. We’ve seen this before in apps like Byword and Day One (both are apps that Drafts can send text to) and it’s insanely useful. Actually so much so that I hope it makes its way into the iPhone version down the road too.

I’ve been a Drafts zealot since it launched, and 2.0 has only cemented that. You can grab the iPhone version for $1.99, and the iPad version for $2.99. I highly recommend grabbing them both.