Tips to Overcome Writer's Block »

Chris Gonzales at Unretrofied:

Sometimes the most difficult thing about writing is simply getting started. We could make every excuse in the book before we’ve even begun. Don’t defeat yourself that way. Once you’ve started, you’ve already started winning the battle. You may even notice your hands struggling to keep up with all the words trying to escape your head. It feels completely manic, but in a good way.

Every person, whether they know it or not, is living a life worth writing about. They just have to find those stories, however small, and connect the dots until a story emerges. It’s kinda like weaving a tapesty but WAY simpler. Anyone can do it.

Good stuff from Chris. I can say that a bunch of these tips have helped me in the past –specifically with college work. My issue is more centered around the fact that I hate most of what I write. I think I’ve got about 15 drafts of variying length sitting in a folder that I’m just not willing to throw out there. So I guess that’s a tip I’d put out in addition to Chris’. Be willing to share, even when you think it’s crap –something I should start doing.