Thoughts on the Nexus 7 ⇢ »

Shawn Blanc:

Price and hardware aside, I find that my overall sentiment towards Android remains relatively the same from my week-long excursion with the Galaxy Nexus last Winter. On a technical level, Jelly Bean is noticeable improvement over Ice Cream Sandwich. But I still do not see the appeal of an Android device over an iOS device unless your motives for using one are based solely on price, screen size, or a vendetta against Apple Inc.

When I first heard about the Nexus 7 I was excited. By all accounts, during the initial hands-on sessions, it was billed as a solid device. From what I’ve read, that’s turned out to be true. But Shawn makes a good point; why choose this over an iPad? Especially if the rumored iPad “mini” surfaces soon. As my friend Brady Valentino said:

I’ve come to realize that the only reason I’m still using an iPhone is the apps. I couldn’t go to another phone without having the same selection of apps. I just wouldn’t be able to use it. The apps, and the community, are what makes the iPhone so great.

It’s the apps that are holding me back. But even more than that, it’s the OS upgrades. Remember when you bought a phone and you were stuck with that operating system over the lifespan of the device? Apple shredded that idea, but no other company has been able to wrangle carriers into doing the same. So I think that for people who aren’t accustomed to that will be alright with a device like the Nexus 7. Maybe Google will be more aggressive with updates since they don’t have to deal with carriers, but I’m not willing to take the chance. I’m going to wait and see what Apple’s got up it’s sleeve.