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Gabe at

I’ve heard the arguments saying that is about sending a message to Twitter. I’ve heard that it is about creating a developer friendly Twitter. I’ve also heard it is about putting users before advertisers. I think is more about wanting to cut-off an entire segment of Twitter’s users and paying for the privilege to do it.

I link to Gabe’s writing often because we’re like-minded and he flushes out his thoughts much more effectively than I do. I totally agree with his his opinions on, but the difference is I didn’t back it. I wish the team all the best, and was happy to see it funded, but I didn’t like the vibe I was getting from early adopters on Twitter. Yes, Twitter’s business practices need a lot of work, but I’m not convinced that is the answer. I like the idea of a paid/ad-free service, but not when it’s at the expense of the “uncool”. This is certainly not the opinion of the majority of users, but it’s enough to turn me off.