The New and Shiny Things 2 »

As a whole, Things 2.0 is an enormously powerful update to Cultured Code’s app suite. Things Cloud is the best online sync environment I’ve seen in a while. It’s been reliable during my last three weeks of testing; it never made pitfalls other cloud services (including Simplenote) used to do like duplicating to-dos or completely deleting others. The Daily Review feature is an easy way to overview a day’s tasks and to quickly get them out of my way. I like the visual overhauls done on the iOS apps too, especially the new calendar view and the new title bars and buttons in the iPhone version.

Lukas Hermann at MacStories takes a great in-depth look at Things 2. I’ve been using it since it launched, after a while away and I absolutely love it. It really does have the best sync around (with the exception of Cheddar. Cheddar’s is impossibly fast).