The case for direct cable channel subscriptions »

Elia Freedman, writing at The Tech Block

So, ESPN, here’s what I propose: Offer me streaming versions of ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN News for $10/month. We both win. You get about twice the rate you get from cable companies and I get sports. $47/month is still a bargain for me versus the $70 cable bill (and rising every year). I get what I want — more sports — and you get exactly what you want — money from me.

No argument from me on this. I think it’s a perfect idea. I’ve been watching less and less cable over the last few months – tending to use Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Prime for the most part. Right now, my setup is kind of insane. I primarily use my Apple TV – and Netflix natively – but the rest is a mish-mash of AirPlaying from my Mac. It’s a pain in the ass. I’d gladly swap my cable subscription for an a la carte streaming model.