Are You Really Surprised by Our Authoritarian President? »

Osita Nwanevu, for The New Republic:

Authoritarianism is what sent demonstrators to Lafayette Square in the first place. A man has been killed by state-sponsored thug; across the country, citizens rising to protest are being bludgeoned and gassed by historically unaccountable authorities. What happened Monday was a small step in evolution, not the beginning of a great conversion. To the extent it was the high-water mark of anything, it was perhaps the apotheosis, in political imagery anyway, of conservative social politics—the whole ideological infrastructure summarized and made plain within the space of an hour. No, we’ve been told, the state shouldn’t go out of its way to make the disadvantaged whole or bring law and order to an economy controlled by gamblers, gluttons, and cheats. But it can be brought to bear, with overwhelming brutality, against people conservative Americans deem to be inferior and unworthy of our government’s attention.

I found myself nodding through this piece so hard I kept having to physically stop myself so I could continue reading. In this hellscape we find ourselves in, I’m incredibly thankful to the talented writers and reporters educating us every day. News is not broken, you just need to know where to find it.