✱ Thank you, Apple ComiXology

Update: The following isn’t actually Apple’s fault at all. It’s ComiXology’s

I want to take a minute and thank Apple ComiXology for making a bad decision. They —to the dismay of comic fans everywhere— banned the new issue of the fantastic Saga series from all comic readers on the App Store. If you’re wondering what the hubbub is about, Robert Agcaoili had a good account of this yesterday. While I clearly think Apple’s choice is bad —although not at all surprising— something good came out of it for me.


I haven’t been to Beachhead Comics since I was 15. It’s always been sitting just a block from my office, but it never crossed my mind to stop in and visit. Until today.

Beachhead inside

AppleComiXology giving Saga #12 the boot (from their own iOS app) has sent me down memory lane. I spent my whole lunch hour browsing, much to the curmudgeon-owner’s dismay. But that’s what is so endearing about [insert your local independent comic shop here]. These places are usually —or at least in my experience— dark, shady shops with owners who, while cranky as can be, give you the feeling that they totally appreciate your patronage. Sure, I could have just bought the issue from ComiXology directly, but where’s the fun in that?

Saga Issue 12

I’m happily giving a few bucks to a place I haven’t been in years, and that’s thanks to Apple ComiXology. I’ll definitely be back more often —buying my first physical comic in 17 years felt good. I picked up Walking Dead #109 while I was at it.