The Story Behind Drafts »

My pal, Greg Pierce, was interviewed on Lifehacker and it’s a good read to get a little context on where Drafts came from. I specifically like the bit about taking criticism:

I’m Teflon® coated. When you’re an independent developer and put so much of yourself into your products, it’s easy to slip over the line and take criticisms personally. It’s important to maintain distance so you can be critical of your products, however. If you can’t do that, you are not likely to make good products–you have to know when you are wrong.

If you can maintain that distance, you create a lens through which you can evaluate your own ideas and criticisms of your products–and you can use that same lens to evaluate the requests and criticisms you channel from outside sources.

The important thing to remember is that if a person is taking time to send you a request, or a criticism, they are doing it because the care about your product. Even when I get those occasional criticisms that come off as rude or poorly thought out, I try to mentally rephrase them to fit the format, “Your app is useful to me, but would be that much more useful if it did or did not do X.” It almost always works.

I’m going to assume that the Venn diagram of people I know and people that own Drafts overlaps a lot. But if you somehow don’t have it, you should pick it up.