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Ged Maheux on his blog:

The reality, of course, is somewhere in-between. Apple’s victory over Samsung can be right and just in accordance with U.S. patent law but that doesn’t mean they “invented rounded rectangles”. It also shouldn’t mean that you and I can’t have a friendly discussion on the topic without it devolving into the digital equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show. Admittedly, when we are so entrenched in our positions it is difficult to give up any ground, especially when one feels passionately about something. However, if we are to survive and flourish as a society and have meaningful conversations, we all need to try and make a concerted effort to climb out of our fox holes and meet somewhere in the middle.

Gedeon really gets it. The fanboy argument has always seemed insane to me, and harkens back to times when the opinions of individuals of a certain race or class were dismissed due to stereotypes and socio-economic reasons. I love open conversation, and I can only hope that at some point the Internet becomes a safe space for having open dialogue with someone of an opposing view.