Sketch 2.3 and Sketch Mirror »

Anytime I have to do any design-related work, I use Sketch. It’s simple, and extremely powerful. Last week the Bohemian Coding team dropped some killer updates that really add some serious power. You can now import PDFs, there’s a new background blur feature, the document sizes are somehow even smaller — they were really small to begin with — and probably coolest of all, there’s now an iOS companion app to mirror and test your designs.

There’s been a slew of design prototyping apps for a while now, but Sketch Mirror has a pretty great implementation. From the release notes:

You can swipe on your device to switch between pages and artboards in your document and zoom to inspect individual pixels. What’s more, Sketch Mirror scales your designs up or down to fit the screen resolution of your iOS device automatically.

Also, you can run Sketch Mirror on any number of iOS devices and connect as many of them as you want to one Mac client. Preview your iPad-sized artboards on one device while your iPhone or iPod Touch mirrors the smaller artboards.

I mean, come on!