S III takes out the 4S »

Martin Bryant, over at The Next Web:

The S III is still selling healthily, having sold 10 million units in the past two months alone, and has sold more than 30 million units this year, according to Samsung. Still, it won’t be surprising if Q4 sees the now widely available iPhone 5 rise as rapidly as the S III did. In Q2, the Samsung’s flagship sold just 5.4 million units according to Strategy Analytics, so such fast increases are certainly possible.

Some in the Apple blog circle like to bash Samsung. I’ve done it before as well. But this is actually exciting to me. I’ve long thought that true competition paves the way for better products, and this is no exception. We haven’t had a real, singular threat to the iPhone in a long time, and regardless of what you think of the S III, it’s definitely on Apple’s radar. And that’s a good thing for us.