✱ Riposte – a nice app.net client

Chris Gonzales, at Unretrofied:

The best gestures are used when editing text, though: swipe left or right with one finger to move the cursor one character at a time, swipe with two fingers to move by words, and swipe with three fingers to jump to the beginning or end of a line. These gestures are so useful, I wish Apple would implement them throughout all of iOS.

Another great feature is the ability to enable or disable “Hop-Ons,” meaning that you can either show or hide replies from users in conversations when they don’t @mention the main participants of the discussion. Anyone who uses ADN knows how long conversations can get as more people jump in, so this feature is a godsend.

I agree with Chris in his succinct review of Riposte. There aren’t many nice-and-clean clients out there. I really liked Stream, but the lack of Pocket support forced me to look elsewhere. Riposte is fast, relatively well-designed and easy to use.

Alex Knight has some good thoughts as well:

I realize that what one considers “the best” is entirely subjective. You and I may have entirely different requirements or varying degrees of acceptable standards. For my needs, Riposte is unequivocally the best App.net client I have ever used. Yes, it’s missing some features that were in Netbot that I do have a special fondness for, but the initial presentation and experience, and overall feel, just won me over.

Both Chris and Alex also share some downsides to the app in their estimation.

Chris writes:

  • In-app search only looks for usernames and profiles. You can’t just look for posts that contain specific terms.

  • Usernames don’t auto-complete when composing a post; you have to tap the ‘@’ icon first and then search for the name that way.

  • The option to upload a photo doesn’t include a ‘Use Last Photo’ choice, which would be nice.

And Alex’s list included:

  • I would love to see integration with Camera + (my favourite third party camera app).

  • Automatic conversion of straight quotes to curly (typographers) quotes.

  • When at the very top of my timeline, I would prefer if the app scrolled the stream when at that position. Yet again, another thing I loved about Netbot.

Most of these would be considered for the “power user”, and while I agree with all of them, my chief complaint is how replying is handled. On any social network, replying is arguably the action used most. Riposte prides itself on being one of the only clients you can navigate completely with one hand. This is true, and most actions are a single tap or swipe away. But replying; that takes two taps. I’m holding out hope that the developers will find a way shave off a tap somewhere and make this easier, because in my view it’s holding back what could be the best app.net client available.

Aside from my biggest issue with the app, I have to say it’s really well done. As activity on app.net has picked up, so have the offerings on iOS. It’s refreshing to have so many good options out there, and from the look of it that won’t be slowing down. Now, whether app.net will be here in a year; who knows. You can check Riposte out here.