Retina is meaningless... for now »

Harry C. Marks of Curious Rat:

Which is why I was stunned to find Blanc had suddenly changed his tune on the Retina display today (↬ once again, Shadoe Huard):

I think Levine is right. As awesome as Retina displays are, they don’t fundamentally change the usability or use-case scenarios of the iPad. It’s crazy to think that a bitmapped screen displaying pixels at a density rivaling print, is, in a way, nothing more than an iterative step in the evolution of hardware.

I guess if the Retina display doesn’t fundamentally change the usability of the iPad, then he’ll be able to switch right over to the iPad mini now, right?

And if the display was so iterative, why was Apple the first one to do it and hold on to the “best in class” ranking for so long? Two years later, we have an Android phone with a 1080p screen that bests the Retina display, but sacrifices battery life as a result.

The sudden flip-flopping based on what Apple does is not new. And it never gets less infuriating either. Harry is spot on, as usual.