✱ ReadKit 1.1

I’ve been using ReadKit since its launch, and it’s no secret that I really like it. It’s basically an app made to consolidate your Instapaper, Pocket and Readability accounts – or any combination – into one app. The reading experience is wonderful, and I particularly like the theme options and the ability to use your own fonts.

With ReadKit 1.1, the developers have really stepped up their game. They’ve integrated Pinboard and Delicious, and also added tag management for all the available services. One absolutely killer feature is the ability to drag-and-drop articles. Say for instance, you want to move an article from your Pocket archive over to Pinboard. Just drag-and-drop it. That’s it. Brilliant. I’ve become an avid Pinboard user in the last few months, and I really like how it’s implemented here. When a saved bookmark is selected, you get sent to the page in Safari, but if you click the small cloud icon next to the article title in the list, the app will download the article and display it in the theme you have set.

Along with all the new features in 1.1, the stuff that was there from the start deserves some attention as well. The distraction-free view is great because it allows you to totally focus on reading – much like Pocket and Instapaper’s iOS apps.

ReadKit is $1.99 on the Mac App Store, and if you use any of these included services, you should buy it. The app sports all the features you would expect from a premiere read-later client, and the developers seem to be invested for the long haul.

Note: While I have been beta testing ReadKit, I bought 1.0 previous to that testing, and loved it then too.