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David Gewirtz:

Sadly, this brings us to the iPad. You can’t get away from this thing. Personally, I think I’d probably prefer a full-on Windows 8 tablet than an iPad, but I like to do real work with my computers, not play Angry Birds and watch Game of Thrones on a 9-inch screen. Clearly, I’m in the minority.

This guy continually writes some of the most asinine things I’ve ever read (check out this gem). I can totally understand not needing an iPad, as I still have my original gen that I barely used in the first place. What makes me crazy is writing it off as if nobody needs or wants one, and assuming that they instead want a product that is not only not-for-sale, but doesn’t even have a price attached yet. At least I can sit here and daydream about Jim Dalrymple’s beard becoming self-aware and choking this clown.