A wonderfully detailed look at Newsblur »

Gabe Weatherhead has a massive — and mega-detailed — review of Newsblur, the RSS aggregator:

Newsblur offers direct import from a Google account. The import preserves all of the folders (or tags). After the import, I ended up with all of the subscriptions I had in Google Reader.

Newsblur can also import from an OPML file. I exported my feed data from Fever and imported directly into Newsblur. This worked perfectly. Every feed came over organized just as I had it in Fever.

But here’s where Newsblur already starts to impress. Browsing through the feeds, I noticed several with a yellow exclamation mark. Clicking that icon shows that the feed is broken, but Newsblur offers up a couple of solutions. You can choose to either retry or use a new feed. If Newsblur already knows about another feed for the site it will suggest the alternative. This fixed several of the dead Feedburner feeds cluttering up my list as people flee Google.

If you’re still looking around for a Reader replacement, Newsblur looks like a nice option. I’ve got my heels dug pretty deep in Fever, and I think I’ll stick with it. But at least now I know that Newsblur is a legitimate alternative and crafted with a lot of care.