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It’s sad to see: Good writers doing bad work. What a waste. There are some talented people out there on the web pandering with posts that end in question marks or include the words “confirmed” and “exclusive”.

Amen. I use this site as a place to collect and share small thoughts. Sure the link-blog format has been around for a while, and is possibly an overcrowded medium. But if everybody ran their sites in a way they enjoyed, would it matter that there’s a lot of them? The shift toward the constant need to be first to post something is saddening. I read sites based the author’s insight, perspective, and opinion. Let’s face it, who’s first is meaningless. I’m not saying breaking news isn’t important, but the news should be the focus, not the breaking. I don’t mean for this post to sound pretentious in any way, I’m just sharing how I feel. Here are the sites that I read every day and even multiple times daily because they provide me with some sort of perspective I didn’t have before:

Now you may say “Come on man, half those guys are your friends.” That’s true, but they became friends through me being a fan of their work. If for some reason you don’t have these sites in your RSS feed, you should. I feel like they do it right. Consistently.