I prefer mediocrity, thank you very much »

David Pierce at The Verge:

I love the Chromebook Pixel. I can’t remember the last time I so unequivocally enjoyed using a device. Its display, keyboard, trackpad, and overall fit and finish are as good as any laptop I’ve ever used, and in some cases is my new standard-bearer for laptop reviews going forward. Battery life is a bummer but not a deal-breaker — it’s not terrible, just not as good as I hoped — and I actually sort of liked the limitations of having to use browser-based tools, because it meant I could recreate my entire workspace on any device that runs Chrome.

I’m not out to bash the Pixel, but this is the most enjoyable device in recent memory according to Pierce? Seriously?

And yet, when it came time to write this review, edit and upload pictures, and do real research, I opened up my MacBook Air again. I needed Photoshop. I needed Evernote to work offline, because I needed a tool that worked better than Google Docs’s Scratchpad tool (which is handy, just not particularly powerful). I needed to easily jump back and forth between three windows at once. I’d rather use the Chromebook Pixel, but I wind up having to use the MacBook all the time.

It’s a little baffling how someone would prefer to use a device that can’t provide what they need over one that can. I read and enjoy most of The Verge’s product reviews, but this one was maddening. Not because I want to snipe at Google, but because it’s just not logical.