I Don't Get It... »

Stephen Hackett on 512pixels:

Next week, I’m turning off my iPhone for a year.

Ok, that was a dramatic lede. Forgive me. In reality, I’m giving my almost-new iPhone 5 to my lovely wife — trading it in for a Motorola W385.

Seems very Paul Miller-ish, which Hackett alludes to as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of his “break” either, but to each his own. Here’s what I just don’t get, and maybe I’m missing something. Hackett goes on to write:

In addition to my self-imposed 12-month timeframe, I’ve got an LTE iPad mini in the mail, set to be delivered Friday. It’s my first iPad with cellular data, and coupled with the Mini’s form factor, I think it will be a decent iPhone-replacement for the times I need data when I’m not in the office or at home.

Am I crazy, or does this completely defeat the intended purpose? I’d argue that there’s absolutely no difference except for that it’s slightly more of a pain to deal with the mini over the iPhone. Maybe that’s the idea, but to be honest it’s only more of a headache in very specific situations e.g., the car. I don’t want to bash anyone for trying something new in their life, but I really don’t get this one in the slightest.