FeedPress moving to a paid-only model »

My buddy Alex Knight, the CMO at FeedPress:

Operational costs such as infrastructure, employees, and resources that go towards providing great customer support, don’t come cheap. Maxime and I are confident that we have a great product, and many of you have shared some great feedback that have helped remind us that we really stand out in the crowd. Switching over to a paid only service is going to help us continue to grow and provide even better features and support.

Nice touch for those that have an existing free acount:

If you already have a free account with one or more feeds, everything will continue to work as is. If you decide to add any additional new feeds in the future, we’ll ask you to upgrade to a quarterly (3 months), semester (6 months), or yearly plan.

FeedPress is great, no question. I think it’s smart to try to develop a sustainable model, but I have to say, this is a bold move. I hope it works out.