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The incomparable Dr. Drang has an excellent article on transitioning off of Google Reader, and highlights my favorite new service, Feed Wrangler.

The issue raised by Google’s decision to drop Reader isn’t with reading, it’s with syncing. Most of us read our RSS feeds on more than one device and we want a syncing service that allows us to pick up on our iPhones where we left off on our laptops. There were a few non-Google syncing options before Google’s announcement in March and more have arisen to fill the void since then. How do you decide which one to go with?

The good Doctor rightly points out some of Feed Wrangler’s shortcomings, but I still prefer it despite those drawbacks, mostly because I know the service will continue to improve over time. It’ll be particularly interesting to see if, come July 1st, these pop-up services can stand tall.