Fantastical for iPhone »

Shawn Wilkins, at Culture Milk:

Aside from its function, Fantastical is gorgeous and shows how proper skeuomorphism should look. Skeuomorphism is on the rise and fall right now. People have this morphed idea that no matter the instance, it’s horrible to incorporate into design. That’s plainly wrong. Skeuomorphism is used to connect something you know and feel from the real world with what you’re viewing on-screen. Fantastical’s design is not gaudy, extreme, or repugnant; it’s the opposite. It makes you wonder why no other company has thought of something like this and why they haven’t devoted a numerous amount of time into creating a beautiful, lovely, well-functioning app. Everyone should get this app or at the very least, try it. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy it.

Federico Viticci, at MacStories:

As a reviewer, I think the best compliment I can pay to an app is describing how it had a positive impact on my life. Fantastical falls under the category of apps that, beyond pretty pixels and nerdery, have improved my workflow and personal life in ways that paper never could. When my doctor asks me about my schedule, I can just fire up Fantastical and have an instant overview of my week. If I need to quickly add an event, I can dictate it or, even better, ask my girlfriend to add it if I’m driving. She won’t have to learn a complex interface or carefully select menus and dropdowns.

Fantastical has been one of my all-time favorite Mac apps, and now it’s on the iPhone. Get it.