✱ Everyday Carry

My friends Brad and Myke sent me down an endless pit of looking at “everyday carry” sites thanks to the latest episode of their excellent podcast. So I figured I would post my own. I know these things have run their course with some folks, but I’ve always been a fan of seeing what’s useful to others. So here goes…

  1. Keys with Kero lightning cable—Probably the most useful holiday gift I got. I use it every day.
  2. Koyono Slimmy Wallet—Seriously my favorite wallet ever. Super thin (I keep it in my front pocket) regardless of how many cards you put in it, within reason. It’s also incredibly durable. Mine is about 3 years old and looks like new.
  3. Ray-Ban “New Wayfarer” Sunglasses in matte black—These are actually kind of hard to find these days. Maybe they weren’t that popular, but they’re my favorite pair of sunglasses I’ve owned. A bit smaller than most Wafarers, which I prefer. Plus, I’m into matte anything.
  4. Field Notes “Pilsner” & Field Notes “Cold Horizon”—These are the best small notebooks around in my opinion. I always have at least two on hand. If I have my bag with me, I carry… enough.
  5. Pilot Precise V5 RT Extra Fine Point in black, Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Point in blue, and a plain old Accent Highlighter. I adore the Pilot V5. Perfect for everyday use.
  6. Mid-2011 MacBook Air i7—The best computer I’ve ever owned. I’ll be sad when it dies.
  7. Fitbit Force—Very cool fitness tracker. I like knowing how much I walk per day. I replaced smoking with walking during the day, and this helps me stay on track. Additional bonus: The battery is amazing. Lasts about 2 weeks.
  8. Buffalo MiniStation 1 TB Thunderbolt External Drive—Very reliable * knocks on wood * portable hard drive that is super fast for being a spinning disk. Thunderbolt for the win.
  9. iPod Classic 80 GB—The device that just won’t die. I bought this thing in 2007 and it still works just as well as the day I got it. I like being able to have my whole entire library in my bag.
  10. Apple EarPods—Are they great? No. But they’re better than average, and that’s fine for when I’m at work. Plus, they let just enough outside sound in that I can hear my desk phone ring.

Not Pictured: I generally use an Incase campus backpack, but depending on what I have to carry, that could change to a messenger or a sling. Also not pictured is my Space Gray iPhone 5s. I used it to take the photo. Duh.