Early App.net Stats »

Robin Wauters at The Next Web:

Turns out App.net currently has approximately 20,000 users, of which a small minority seemingly dominates the conversation: Basch estimates that 250 users (1.25 percent) have so far accounted for half the posts.

This is what I was afraid of. People signed up because they liked the premise of the service, but they’re not using it. Instead app.net boasts the voices of just a few. Another sad note:

To date, App.net users have generated a little over 300,000 posts so far, although we should note a bunch of those are automated cross-posts from Twitter.

This points out my problem with app.net from the beginning. Why in the world would I want to pay to read tweets –and by that I mean actual tweets– on another platform? Seems like an absolute waste of money. Again, I don’t want to mistake people’s intent when backing app.net; meaning that they gave money for an idea, and are content with that. But that’s just not for me. Charitable contributions are one thing, but nobody funded this project on a charitable level. Users want a service, and so far it doesn’t look to me like they’re getting one of value.[1]{: #fnref:1 .footnote}

  1. {: #fn:1} This isn’t really app.net’s fault. It falls squarely on the users. But this certainly isn’t going to help the service grow.  ↩{: .reversefootnote}