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Christopher Maag at Narratively:

The Toyota Camry driver wants to turn right. He’s blocked by a dump truck and two delivery vans trying to get onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The vans can’t get past the cars coming down Frankfort Street, which in turn can’t move because of three taxis inching toward the onramp of the northbound FDR, all of whom have driven the traffic cop in the yellow vest to drop her red batons and take a break on the sidewalk.

Right into the middle of this mess trots Maria Laskaris, walking beside her two-ton hot dog cart. She’s taking up the entire center lane of Pearl Street, and she does not stop. The cart has a button on a thick electrical cord that engages a battery-powered motor to turn the rear axle. Laskaris keeps her thumb on the button and the rear wheels spin forward.

There is some great stuff being written at Narratively. Wish I had found the site sooner. I’ve stashed about 15 article in my Pocket queue.