Design details of Google Maps »

Sacha Greif:

I’ve always thought that apps should be able to detect’s user frustration and respond accordingly.

Google Maps (kinda) does this by triggering a feedback dialog when you shake your iPhone. Now I doubt that anybody is going to happen on that dialog randomly because it does take a pretty hard shake to trigger it.

But still, I like where they’re going with this. What if UIs became more sensitive to our behavior, instead of us having to explicitly tell them every single thing?

Some nice details on what makes the new Google Maps app for iOS really good. I have to hand it to Google, as it’s really well done. My main complaint – and I’ll admit it’s silly – is that the app label on the homescreen is wider than the icon. This seems ridiculous, but it drives me crazy when labels extend outside of what should be their own boundaries. But I must say, that’s by far my biggest complaint and that means Google pretty much nailed it.