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While browsing the Hollywood Reporter, high off the House of Cards trailer, I stumbled across this old article containing a clip from “2016 Obama’s America”, the ridiculously biased film by conservative talking head Dinesh D’Souza. What struck me is that D’Souza tries to equate Kenyan culture with American culture. Not only that, but he implies that Barack Obama is abandoning his “family” by not taking care of his half-brother George. A half-brother that he barely knows.

What infuriated me is that this premise is not only insane, but it’s taking a personal shot at something D’Souza knows nothing about. He even implies in the clip that he simply Googled George, and decided to pay him a visit. As many of you know, my father is from Ghana, a small West African country. While there are many cultural differences between Ghana and Kenya, there are also some similarities. It is not uncommon to have many relatives. And I mean lots. If I recall correctly my father has approximately 18 brothers and sisters. On top of that, there are countless half-siblings. He came here in his late teens to attend Yale University, and has only been back “home” twice that I can remember in my lifetime. He often tells me stories about going home and returning with literally nothing but the clothes he was wearing. The poverty is so profound that he gave everything he had away, including some of his personal savings. He often admitted that he wished he could go back to his village more often, but simply couldn’t afford to, both financially and emotionally. I could go on about the lack of family ties due to the shear amount of relatives and other social reasons, but I won’t.

My point is that if this is what someone struggles with who is actually from a villiage like the one depicted, what are we to expect from someone who isn’t? Like me, President Obama is an American with African descent. Am I also expected to support relatives I don’t know? I’ll end this rant, but this short clip deeply bothered me. Shame on you Dinesh D’Souza.