Liftoff »

Stephen Hackett, at 512 Pixels:

Over the past six months or so, I’ve been writing, talking and thinking a lot more about space and how we get there.

That’s led — somewhat inevitably — to a new podcast on Relay FM. We’ve named it Liftoff.

There’s a dwindling number of podcast networks out there, but Relay is my favorite by a mile. And it keeps getting better. Stephen and Myke have added a ton of shows and they’re all superb. Big congrats to them for yet another great addition.

The Guilty Whiner »

Jordan Cooper hosts the very funny podcast, Tech Douchebags. I was on the most recent episode, which was a ton of fun.

In this week’s meeting, Nate Boateng confronts his guilt over whining about inconsequential things and how he gets unreasonably annoyed at software bugs, poor user interface design, slow app updated for new iOS versions, and generally having his time wasted.

In addition, we discuss the psychology of online criticism, consumer expectations of mobile apps, podcast app bugbears, road rage, and supermarket gentrification.

I miss regular podcasting. And blogging. Might have to get back to doing both.

ATP 81 — You Left Your Money in a Bank »

I really enjoyed the post-show on this week’s ATP. They—specifically John—get a lot right in discussing anti-feminist gamers. Good stuff all around.

Network, Schmetwork »

Sid O’Neill at Crate of Penguins commenting on Marco Arment’s piece on podcast networks.:

Obviously ATP’s success is — in part — due to the loyal following that both John and Marco had accumulated over years of putting out fantastic podcasts. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that ATP itself is crap, and people only listen because they like John and Marco. People like John and Marco because they make great podcasts.

In this case it obviously made sense for them to own the show from the beginning. They don’t need the practical benefits of a network because they have the time and resources to do the same thing. They didn’t need the “discovery” aspect because they were already discovered.

Sid makes some good points. It’s not a zero-sum game.

Castro—a new podcast app coming Tuesday »

I’ve gotta admit, I’m intrigued. Castro looks gorgeous, and while there are plenty of heavyweights out there, I’m always willing to try a newcomer.

The Impromptu #65 — iOS Betas Make People All Kinds of Crazy »

Sorry for the delay, but this week’s episode was really good if you ask me.

This week we dive into WWDC, specifically iOS 7 and what it means for developers. Steve Streza of Informal Protocol and formerly of Pocket joins us to chat about Apple’s latest and greatest.

Steve was a great guest, and gave some fantastic insight. Listen in, and if you have a minute rate us on iTunes! I hate asking, but it really does help with discoverability.

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The Impromptu #63 — Shaped Like A Taco Shell »

This week we talk the HTC One with Nexus and Tim Cook’s interview at D11, along with some hilarious nostalgia about phones from the 90s to early 2000s.

My favorite part was about 20 minutes in when we started talking about the Nokia N-Gage.

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The Alton Browncast coming soon to Nerdist »

Alton Brown, on his blog:

A lot of you have been inquiring via Twitter and Facebook as to the current condition of my podcast a.k.a. The Alton Browncast. Many of you took part in our initial recording session back in…well…a while ago and you rightfully deserve to know what the heck is going on.

Well, there is good news. Our podcast is going to be part of the famed Nerdist network of podcasts. We’re joining up with Chris Hardwick and his gang because they’re swell folks and seem to always be having a lot of fun and fun is good. So, the Alton Browncast will be available at and on itunes as well as the new which is coming to an internet near you.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

—link via Mark Siegel

The Impromptu #61 — Spiraling Web of Insanity »

I’m finally back on the show with the larger group (sorry!) and we talk about Facebook Home’s weaknesses, then get on to iOS 7 craziness as we creep toward WWDC. Listen in, and if you have a minute please rate the show in iTunes. It’s greatly appreciated!

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✱ Instacast for Mac Beta

Instacast for iOS has been my favorite podcatcher since its initial release a couple years ago, and today Instacast for Mac has hit the public beta stage. I’ve been testing the Alpha version over the last month, and I’ve used it every day since. While it wouldn’t be fair to “review” the app —being a beta and all— I wanted to cover the basics.

I have zero complaints about the interface. The Vemedio team once again worked with Marcelo Marfil to create a wonderful UI that is easy to understand, and looks beautiful. The interface has many of the same components as the iOS counterparts, but restructured nicely for the Mac. You have two main views; Subscriptions and Lists. Like on iOS, Subscriptions show your full list, while Lists are the equivalent of Playlists on the iPhone and iPad —showing your default and custom lists.

The artwork is nice and crisp, show notes are intact, and refreshing your feeds is relatively fast. Another nice touch if you don’t want the full app window in your way, is an optional iTunes-esque mini player. This has been welcome for me since I’m on a MacBook Air with limited screen space.

There is a robust preference pane with everything you would expect. Granular settings for sharing, storage, playback and sync are all available for you to tweak. In my experience everything works as it should. Except one crucial thing…

Trying to keep in mind that this is beta software, I’ll talk a bit about sync without hammering it too badly. I can’t say it doesn’t work, because it does. But it’s certainly not where it needs to be. Martin and his team have made huge strides since the first implementation of sync in an early alpha, but it’s not super reliable at this point. The Mac version doesn’t seem to pull down played/unplayed episodes very well. It also seems to botch play position at times. That said, I will say that these glitches haven’t mucked up the settings or play positions on my iPhone. Not once. I’m not sure if that’s some magic on Vemedio’s part, but it’s a good thing. Since I primarily use my iPhone, it’s nice to not have those settings screwed with. There have been a few times that sync has worked flawlessly on both ends, but not consistently. Again, be warned that this is beta software and you should not take that lightly.

Overall, Instacast for Mac —even in beta— is pretty spectacular. It’s clearly the best podcatcher for Mac even in this extremely early stage. I highly recommend trying it out, especially since you can use it by itself if you don’t use or don’t want to use its siblings on iOS. You can download the app here.