TextBundle—a new sandboxed Markdown spec »

From TextBundle, the brainchild of Brett Terpstra and The Soulmen:

The TextBundle file format aims to provide a more seamless user expericence when exchanging Markdown files between sandboxed applications.

Sandboxing is required for all apps available on the Mac and iOS app store, in order to grant users a high level of data security. Sandboxed apps are only permitted access to files explicitly provided by the user - for example Markdown text files. When working with different Markdown applications, sandboxing can cause inconveniences for the user.

An example: Markdown files may contain references to external images. When sending such a file from a Markdown editor to a previewer, users will have to explicitly permit access to every single image file.

This is where TextBundle comes in. TextBundle brings convenience back - by bundling the Markdown text and all referenced images into a single file. Supporting applications can just exchange TextBundles without asking for additional permissions. Beyond being a simple container, TextBundle includes a standard to transfer additional information - to open up new possibilites for future integration.

These guys are doing God’s work. You can read more about the spec here. This is exciting.

Brett Terpstra's Markdown Extensions for PopClip »

Nerd Wizard, Brett Terpstra:

I wrote a few new PopClip extensions over the weekend. There were several features from the Markdown Service Tools that I thought would be really handy to have right after making a mouse selection.

Awesome. I’m already a huge fan of Brett’s Markdown Service Tools, and this is even better –provided you use PopClip.