Byword 2.0 released with new direct publishing feature »

Federico Viticci has a great look at the improved Byword 2:

The big new feature of Byword 2.0 is Publishing. Available as a $4.99 In-App Purchase for iOS and OS X, Publishing lets you send your Markdown text as HTML to five different web services directly from Byword. I tested the functionality with my self-hosted WordPress site and personal Evernote account.

Publishing Services are available in Byword’s Tools menu on iOS, or through the File > Publish menu on OS X. Setting them up is fairly straightforward: configuring a WordPress site will require you to enter the blog’s URL alongside your username and password, whereas Evernote will simply ask for your account credentials. In both cases – and this applies to other services too – there are a few options that give you control over the content that you are sending from Byword.

I’ve been testing Byword 2 on Mac and iOS for the last few weeks, and it’s pretty great. It’s much like the 1.x versions except more stable, especially on iOS. Offline caching is a nice addition, as is the publishing feature. For this site, I log directly into the server and drop Markdown files in, and while Byword doesn’t support this yet, my conversation with the developers seemed like they are more than willing to look into it. That makes me incredibly excited.