✱ Apps of the Week

Since I rarely have the time to write up proper reviews anymore, here’s the skinny on two of this week’s releases that I’m in love with. LOVE.

Terminology 3 (Thesis’s Little Helper)

Terminology 3 is hit the store last night, and honestly, there’s not enough praise in the world for me to give to Greg Pierce. He’s a damn wizard. We all know about Drafts and the power it holds, but most people haven’t used Terminology. Te is actually the first of Greg’s apps I tried, long before Drafts hit the shelves, and back then it was an absolutely indispensable tool. When Greg asked me to test out version 3, I nearly jumped out of my chair (I think in reality, I may have). It’s been an insane help to me while working on my thesis. Drafts is for text, Terminology is for words.

Federico says:

Terminology 3 is my go-to dictionary app: it may have lost its custom design in the transition to iOS 7, but if you, like me, weren’t a fan of the app’s previous look, you’ll welcome the cleaner look that focuses on words and definitions. Sync has worked reliably for me, and the app’s new actions enhance Terminology’s capabilities even further. Support for x-callback-url means that power users will be able to chain Terminology with other apps in their workflows, and, overall, I believe that the new Terminology provides the right mix of clean presentation, ease of use, and advanced functionality.

Gabe makes a good point as well:

So, if someone tells you Terminology is a dictionary app, they’re only telling you part of the story. Terminology is a dictionary app like Drafts is a text editor.

Go get it. Seriously. Go.

Weather Line

I know you’re thinking “Nope. Not trying another weather app”, but trust me, it’s good. It’s got charts, nice in-app design, and accuracy. Most importantly, it’s easy to use and sports great data from the guys at The Dark Sky Company.

I’ve been using it for a little over a week now, and it’s firmly planted on my homescreen. Give it a whirl.


Federico Viticci just posted a full review, which will be far more helpful to you than my few words.