And I thought I was addicted... »

Jinnie, over at Three Staples:

Here’s another idea that inspired me to start this blog: Field Notes color comparisons! I’ve been sneaking some quick color comparisons in previous Field Notes posts but I think it’s high time that I do a dedicated post on a color. And I choose “white” first!

Can you think of all the Field Notes that have white covers?

COLORS Editions

Out of the Colors series, there have been three so far (as of January 2015): Northerly (Winter 2011), National Crop “Cotton” (Spring 2012), and Day Game “Hardball White” (Summer 2012). That’s three editions in a row!

I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking.

I’m a Field Notes addict, and Jinnie is doing an incredibly deep dive into the beloved memo books. Such good stuff.