Alfred 2 Workflows »

Over at Macdrifter, Gabe has a great list of Alfred 2 workflows he uses. I figured I’d share a few as well. I’m more impressed by Alfred 2 with each day that passes, mostly because of the amazing workflows that have been popping up. Here are a few that I love.


It’s only right to mention Gabe’s NerdQuery project, and Sean Korzdorfer made a gem to tap into it easily. With the keyword “nerd”, you can search through NQ and open the appropriate link. Perfect.


David Ferguson has some brilliant stuff including an awesome workflow for controlling Rdio –something I use all day. Search, play, pause, skip tracks –it’s all there.


David also has an amazing weather workflow that fetches your current forecast after some very minor initial setup.

Show/Hide hidden files

Here’s a crude workflow I made to quickly show or hide hidden OS X files. It came in handy while rebuilding this site. Nothing special here, just a scratch-an-itch type of thing.

Open in Chrome

Another small but incredibly useful thing for me has been quickly opening the current Safari tab in Chrome for those untimely Flashy moments. Bradley Chambers came up with a nice little workflow that is exactly what I need.1

Like I said, I’m continually amazed at some of the things being achieved through Alfred workflows. If you haven’t bought a Powerpack yet, I highly suggest it if any of this is of use to you. Alfred is one of those apps that I’d be willing to pay a subscription for. It’s that good.

  1. I couldn’t find the original link, so I just uploaded it myself.