A Hole in the World ⇢ »


There’s a big hole in the world today. We all lose and no one wins. There will be scavengers picking over last night’s event making points about agendas that really do not matter.

As usual, Gabe is spot on. The political debates and assumptions about America as a whole don’t matter today. When I woke up this afternoon after taking my 13 year old son to the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises, this was the first news I read. Devastating to say the least. Scrolling through my Twitter timeline I saw infuriating generalizations about American culture, and assumptions about what could have prevented this tragedy. All of it pointless. The fact that we’ve gotten to a place in society where we jump straight past mourning and slide right into conjecture is depressing. My wife and sons are the most important part of my world, and it terrifies me that this could’ve been us just as easily. My boy and I were part of the same community that was terrorized by a madman. So what can be done? I don’t know, and I’m not sure it matters right now. Let’s take a step back, reflect, and mourn those lost in Colorado.