The 1Password Browser »

Gabe Weatherhead has some great tips for getting the most out of 1Password’s built-in browser on iOS. I never thought about the app this way, but I certainly plan to use some of Gabe’s suggestions.

1Password is a terrific way to save and sync all of your sensitive information. By far, my favorite feature of the iOS apps is the in-app browser. While Safari and iCab are my browsers of choice, I end up in the 1Password browser constantly. Here are some tips and uses to get the most out of 1Password on iOS.

And later, some awesome:

Better yet, create a 1Password bookmarklet in Safari.

  1. Bookmark any page

  2. Open the bookmarks and tap the edit button

  3. Open the details for the bookmark

  4. Paste this code in where the bookmark URL goes:


This bookmarklet just adds “op” to the front of the URL which then opens the current page in 1Password.

That’s about it. Now if you’re on a page in Safari (or iCab), just hit the bookmark to open the page in a new 1Password tab.

That’s just sweet.