Hey there, my name is Nate Boateng (pronounced bwä-ten). I’ve been a geek as long as I can remember. I’m married to a wonderful woman, have three four sons, a cat, and live in eastern Pennsylvania. My passions include gadgets, apps, media and how we use them to connect with each other. I’m also on a podcast called Tangentious with good friends.

The Site and Gear:

The site is built with a very old Statamic install that I still love, mainly because I don’t want to update it. Any customizations are done using Coda (RIP)

My computer is a 2019 16” MacBook Pro (the one with the good keyboard). On the go, I use a Blue iPhone 12 and an ancient Canon EOS T1i. Articles and links are written in Markdown (shocker), using a mish-mash of apps on Mac and iOS, but mainly a combo of Drafts, Shortcuts, and Secure ShellFish.

Please feel free to get in touch on Twitter. Feedback is always welcome.

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