Manual for iPhone »

iOS 8 introduced a bunch of new APIs for manual control over the camera, and the aptly named Manual, looks to be nice new camera app with loads of those controls built in. I’ll definitely be checking it out. It’s available now on the App Store.

iOS 8: The Pixel Envy Review »

Nick Heer:

It is for this reason that I will be writing a review of iOS 8 in two parts. The first part, which is what you’re reading now, is a review of the first-party aspects of iOS. It is truly a review of iOS 8, not apps built for iOS 8. The second part, which will be released in weeks-to-months, is a review of what is possible when third-party developers get ahold of the thousands of new APIs available to them.

This is what I have gleaned from using iOS 8 every day since June 2 on my primary (and only) iPhone 5S and my Retina iPad Mini.

Just finished reading Nick’s epic—and wonderfully detailed review. Buckle up and enjoy.

Transmit for iOS is coming »

Federico Viticci, at MacStories:

Inside the app, users will be able to create favorite servers (for FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and S3 connections like in Transmit for Mac), tweak advanced settings, upload local files to configured servers with drag & drop, and secure the app with Touch ID. The latter has been particularly handy in my tests, as it allowed me to put up a layer of security that, however, doesn’t require me to type a long password every time.

I’m so happy. So, so happy.

Keep Hope Alive »

I’m probably far complain-y when it comes to Things, but it’s my favorite task management solution and has been for years. But as we know, Cultured Code is… deliberate when it comes to updates.

They hit me with a tweet that’s got me excited. Best part is, this iOS 8 update is planned for version 2.5, and not version 3 which will obviously take longer. I’m keeping hope alive.

Pinner for iOS 8 »

Pinner is a very nice Pinboard client, and its developer Sam Oakley has been open about his plans for iOS 8. It’s shaping up to be extremely nice. Sam even has a new page detailing the upcoming version—which will be a free update.

Suffice it to say, new apps and updates made for iOS 8 are going to be killer. There are some other friends out there teasing as well. Can’t wait.

TextBundle—a new sandboxed Markdown spec »

From TextBundle, the brainchild of Brett Terpstra and The Soulmen:

The TextBundle file format aims to provide a more seamless user expericence when exchanging Markdown files between sandboxed applications.

Sandboxing is required for all apps available on the Mac and iOS app store, in order to grant users a high level of data security. Sandboxed apps are only permitted access to files explicitly provided by the user - for example Markdown text files. When working with different Markdown applications, sandboxing can cause inconveniences for the user.

An example: Markdown files may contain references to external images. When sending such a file from a Markdown editor to a previewer, users will have to explicitly permit access to every single image file.

This is where TextBundle comes in. TextBundle brings convenience back - by bundling the Markdown text and all referenced images into a single file. Supporting applications can just exchange TextBundles without asking for additional permissions. Beyond being a simple container, TextBundle includes a standard to transfer additional information - to open up new possibilites for future integration.

These guys are doing God’s work. You can read more about the spec here. This is exciting.

Happy Birthday, Pinboard »

Maciej Ceglowski:

I see my role much like a small-town praire banker in the 1880’s. My job is to project an aura of calm, solvency, and permanence in an industry where none of those adjectives applies. People are justifiably risk-averse when it comes to their bookmarks, and they are looking for stability. This means several things at once:

On the most basic level, the site just has to work.

On the design level, it means not futzing with stuff unnecessarily, except for bug fixes and basic improvements. Luckily there is so much work to do on Pinboard that I am immune to the temptations of a redesign. If there is a feature (or bug) you love in 2014, chances are excellent it will still be there, like a cherished friend, years from now when your trembling and aged hands go to make that final click.

Finally, there is stability on the business level. This means persuading people (including myself) that I am going to stick around, and then actually earning enough money to do that.

The money part turns out to be easy. People will pay for a decent service. As long as you stay small and don’t forget to have revenue, you too can build a bookmarking website. There is plenty of room to specialize!

My strategy of pre-emptively antagonizing anyone who might possibly have an interest in acquiring or funding the site has worked wonderfully. In five years, I haven’t received a single email from an investor or potential acquirer. The closest I came was a few months ago, when the new Delicious owners reached out to me about providing “vision”, but I think they were just unfamiliar with my oeuvre. They learned quickly.

Unread 1.2 »

Jared Sinclair:

The newest version of Unread is a big one. It adds support for Fever and NewsBlur. It has tons of new features, including a bad-ass image viewer and two unlocked (previously hidden) themes. I squashed a bunch of bugs, too. Now is the best time yet to try Unread.

The update is brilliant. If you haven’t tried Unread yet, you should.

Markdown Tables Generator »

This is definitely the most useful thing I’ve found in a long time. I’ve been looking for a CSV to Markdown tool for a long while. This site handles it brilliantly. Wish there was a way to donate to its creator.

Checkmark 2 »

The best thing going in location-based reminders just got a huge update. Location groups are especially killer.