All hail AT&T »

Jared Newman, writing at Macworld on AT&T loosening it’s throttling policy:

This is a major change from AT&T’s previous policy, which began throttling unlimited data users at 5GB in a congested area. In an even older policy, AT&T throttled users at just 3GB for 3G/4G HSPA+ networks and 5GB for 4G LTE networks, whether they were in a congested site or not. (Some users complained that throttling began at just 2GB.)

Why this matters: AT&T stopped offering unlimited data plans to new customers in 2012. While existing customers have been allowed to keep their unlimited data, AT&T has severely curtailed the benefits of those plans through strict throttling policies and the inability to tether a tablet or computer without additional fees. Subscribers who’ve stuck with their unlimited plans through it all are now being handsomely rewarded, especially as streaming video, photo sharing, and streaming music cause data use to climb.

YES. I’d tear my clothes off and run around the neighborhood in celebration, but I’m a grown up (and no one needs to see that). But, I’m really happy. This is the first non-hostile thing AT&T has done for its legacy plan customers in a very long time. I’m still skeptical of their motivations, but my plan is still better off than it was yesterday. Yeah, they got slapped with $100M fine, but in reality, that’s a drop in the profit bucket for a company of that size. Glad I hung onto my old crusty plan all this time.